“Jen and I would like to thank you for all you’ve done these last 9 months working with Reside! It was a valuable experience for all of us. Through this process with you, we’ve identified areas that needed addressing as well as new ideas for future growth and improvement. You have given us the skills to become better leaders which in turn will help us deliver better care to the individuals we support. You have effectively inspired us all to continue to better ourselves at what we do.

Again, thank you for all the support you’ve provided to everyone in our agency. Your direction has definitely touched each and every one of our managers and has trickled down to our Direct Service Providers and the clients we support. We’ve appreciated the connections you’ve helped us make and the insights that have surfaced as a result. We appreciate you immensely. Thank you for everything Jennifer!”

– Rich Nakanishi, MA, LPC Owner/Administrator, Reside Residential Care


“Thank you for all you do! You are amazing!! You are making all of us at Reside amazing!”

– Jen Nakanishi, MA, Co-Administrator/Staff Development Coordinator, Reside Residential Care


“You have helped me a tremendous amount with my relationship with (Co-worker). Because you have helped me by giving me tools to better see where he’s coming from, I now know that we have a lot more in common personality wise than I had believed. I am now able to approach him and ask for his advice. You have also helped me in my personal life with my son! I was able to take the tools you taught us and see what needs of his were not getting met and how we could fulfill them. We have now seen a drastic improvement in his attitude and behavior!”

– Elizabeth Wray, House Manager, Reside Residential Care

“Your workshops are wonderful and they tremendously help me in my work life and personal life. THANK YOU!! Jennifer, you are wonderful. Thank you again for all the attention and intent you give and have for our group. You have helped me emotionally and mentally understand myself!”

– (Anonymous Evaluation), Manager, Reside Residential Care

“Thank you for representing us, our feelings, and advocating for our personal happiness and reward, and to eliminate our unnecessary stress!”

– (Anonymous Evaluation), Manager, Reside Residential Care

“I enjoy all of your workshops! I appreciate your hard work in working with us and hearing everyone’s thoughts and feelings. I feel your workshops help me to be stronger, not just at work, but in my personal life as well. For example, you teaching us about setting healthy boundaries has helped me tremendously, as it applies to all aspects of our lives, which in the long run helps us to find better balance.”

– (Anonymous Evaluation), Manager, Reside Residential Care